Introducing the Cool Developer editor

Hello again. Guess what, we have another video to offer! This time we’ll demonstrate Cool Developer, our forthcoming code editor and development environment. If you didn’t know, Cool Developer is the very same editor you’ll end up writing CoolBasic Classic games with in the future, so I think the video material you’re about to see is going to be very interesting. This sneak-peek introduces the editor at a very early state, but it’s already working wonders and we thought it’s ready enough to be publically announced.

This video is narrated by Antti Kajanus, a DevTeam member who is also a professional programmer and an expert in various Microsoft technologies. He’s an ASP.NET MCPD, and currently actively working with Windows Presentation Foundation. He’s the main responsible for Cool Developer. You may want to check his blog for more information and interesting stories about software development at

The following video shows quite a few interesting things, including a very powerful layout/windowing system, a solution explorer, an editor control, and the ribbon. The icons and other graphics are by no means final. The intention is to show the basic concept of the new editor. Enjoy!

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