New web server

Just a quick update. As you can see the blog now has new looks. This is part of a larger configuration regarding our web services. There’s now a new domain, that currently redirects to We now have a virtual web server instead of a standard web hotel, meaning that we can execute whatever we want on it. We recently migrated the forums to this new server, and everyone’s DNS should be up to date by now. There’s still some setting up to do such as a custom user account database and a complete CMS solution for the future website; the plan is that everything under will feature Finnish content only, and will contain the international site. There will also be different discussion forums based on localization.

As a bonus note, we were 11 people from the Finnish CoolBasic community who participated in a summer cabin holiday just now. Back there, they managed to forge some motivation in me: An interesting community-driven project exists that basically implements a custom runtime & game engine for the old CoolBasic. It’s called “CB enchanted“, a very cool name I might add, and is a reverse-engineered CoolBasic byte code interpreter packed together with a fully hardware accelerated graphics system. Quite impressive! The real WTF is that these people managed to reverse-engineer the entire byte code structure, inject the engine as part of standard CoolBasic compilation process, and deliver overall better performance compared to the good old CB – and all this before CoolBasic Classic 😀

Yeah, I opened the compiler solution a few times and thought: “It’s time to finish this.”

We’ve got some real talent.

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