Assembly Summer 2010

Can’t believe it’s been a year already as I vividly remember writing the ASM 2009 raport. This year’s Assembly demo party was, similarly to last year, 4 days in length, but this time I actually slept better so overall it was even cooler :). Every year it feels like gaming is taking more major part in the party. Besides lots of people there are playing and enjoying the lightning fast party network, there are also seminars and career opportunities related to game industry. Every Finnish university that offers courses for game development are strongly visible at the party booths. I myself attended an interesting seminar of XNA and Windows Phone 7 game development.

We had a group ordering for the CoolBasic community, which once again, gave us a geat opportunity to get known with each other also in real life in addition to good old forum posting. Having pizza, playing games, and discussing together was just splendid again. Below is a group picture taken outside the Arena; we had to look against the sun, and that’s the reson to grins and wet eyes.

Assembly Summer 2010 - CB Community Group Picture

Last year I presented details about CoolBasic V3, and this year I had presentation about CoolBasic Classic and Cool Developer (the code editor). This presentation had lots of info that was revealed for the first time in public! This time we actually went to some place more quiet than the Arena, so hopefully people would hear what I had to say more clearly. The mass of people followed me to the dark and shady parking hall for some demoing from my laptop. Needless to say, having the presentation in such a place felt a bit akward, so maybe I just book a room with a video projector next time :). Two major topics were without a doubt the game engine and the editor, and as it’s now basically public, I will post official overviews of them shortly in this blog.

I planned to write some code and do some HC development for CoolBasic Classic at the party, but due to constant competitions and other events on the big screen (forcing everyone to stop whatever they’re doing and close their monitors), I got interrupted all the time. Oh well, it’s a demo party after all – gaming and coding can be done in small doses, but in the end of the day, I achieved close to nothing of productive work. Good party!

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