CoolBasic Classic DevTeam Applications

Time is now!

As of 1st December we’re now accepting DevTeam applications (Finnish only) via a web form. Open spots, requirements and detailed instructions have been announced in the Finnish forum here. Everyone who thinks he/she’s qualified (including existing staff) may supply one primary and optionally one secondary application for the following titles (including 3 officer/manager ranked spots):

General Manager
Content Manager
Community Manager
Tech Developer
Web Developer
Graphics Artist
Sfx/Music Artist
Forum Administrator
Forum Moderator

Time is now!

That’s right, we have one superior layer. Also people that are currently not part of the CoolBasic community may apply: If you know someone skilled enough who might be interested in participating a fully organized development team for the future coming CoolBasic Classic programming language and game making environment, please inform them. Those accepted will be contacted later on January 2010 after which they’ll receive their personal DevTeam-account and thus gain access to internal web pages and confidential files. Candidates will also be interviewed. All applicants are bound to DevTeam contract and NDA.

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