Pass#2 is looming just behind the corner

All those 64 parsers of Pass#1 have now been written and tested. And that’s a lot of code! Virtually every statement has now had its parser implemented, even though some of those statements will probably be disabled for the first few alpha releases. I’m kind of relieved as I’ve now reached a “check point” in the development process. Yet there’s a lot more to come. All in all, I think it’s safe to say that I’m closing in the halfway of the entire compiler now that Pass#1 is ready. The compiler made it through the baptism of fire, by properly parsing a few-hundred lines long complete test class source code.

This means that given the source code of a random test program, the compiler has now performed syntax checks for all elements of it, and that there’s now a complete symbol table for Pass#2 to play with. All metadata has now been gathered… Pass#2 has all the info it needs in order to complete the transformation into the Intermediate Language. If Pass#1 was essentially the Parser, then you can consider Pass#2 the actual Compiler; Its main job is to process the executable code within procedures – and to order it in a meaningful way. Pass#2 is a very, VERY complex process, and it has a lot more tasks than Pass#1 had. I have already assembled a list of those tasks, but I’m not going to share it just yet. I’d rather divide them into smaller topics and discuss them separately in future blog entries.

There are few preceding steps before Pass#2 can start crunching the procedure code. One of them is Interface merging and the other is the pre-evaluation of constant value expressions. The latter is probably more challenging with all this circular reference thing going on. Other “difficult” parts of Pass#2 include Name Resolution, Overload Resolver and the actual Expression Transformer. More about those later. All I wanted to say, was that there’s much work to be done, and it’s getting more difficult now. Bleh, I’m probably going to be spending even more time just thinking things through before implementation.

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