Happy New Year 2009!

Oh snap, how long has it been? Like 6 or so years since CoolBasic was born! Let’s take a few moments to look back. We had a slow compiler stuggling with tons of syntactical exceptions that lead to all kinds of work-arounds and tanglented compiling process. What the compiler ended up producing with, was an unencrypted intermediate code (aka pseudo-code). There was even an option in the editor, to not include the program code into the executable, but to produce a small separate file that could then be “loaded” to the virtual machine. The VM tried to match files in the same folder with similar name to the VM executable itself. Now I laugh at this concept… it was sooo insecure it’s not even funny. Both the compiler and the editor was written in Visual Basic 6.0 and the Runtime was a BlitzBasic interpreter.

Back then, the interpreter was just a renamed executable file which during the compiling process got copied into the new location with its file extension changed into “.exe”, and having the pseudo-code included at the end of it. The interpreter automatically tried to open itself and to read the intermediate code based on a recorded offset where it could calculate its exact position within the executable. Of course, little things such as, say, modifying the icon resource of the executable was not supported because it was possible that the intermediate code offset within the file might not remain in sync wih the recoded offset. In short, the first CoolBasic was quite a mess.

This is only known by those who have been with us since the beginning, but CoolBasic was accused of copying BlitzBasic’s functionality – effectively creating a “wrapper”. This eventually lead to CoolBasic redesign where the Object System was born! I also wanted to get rid of VB6 (it’s simply crap), so I wrote a new editor. Had I been smart I would have written the compiler from the scratch at this point, too. But I didn’t. It’s still a VB6-piece-of-sh–.

The basic way of creating games with CoolBasic was now centered around the Object System, but of course some command sets were still similar to Blitz’s like the sound engine. Unfortunately, getting rid of those it would require a complete rewrite of the Runtime and having CoolBasic not created in BlitzBasic because of its limitations. Blitz was becoming a large problem for me, and I really wanted to dump it and have independant CoolBasic framework!

That CoolBasic is the one you’re using at the moment. Yeah, I know how limited and bad it is. That’s why I started writing it all over about 2 years ago. There was supposed to be a new compiler, new editor, new tools, new runtime. No VB6, no BlitzBasic. Independent platform, and limitless opportunities to plug-in new things. Needless to say, I was a student at that time so the project kind of froze until since I started to write this blog. I reopened the CoolBasic project, but this time I really wanted to get things done right straight from the start (so I don’t need to rewrite CB again next year). The result is CoolBasic V3 being under development. It’s progressing slowly, but as I said, I want to get things done properly. Careful design takes time.

I want CoolBasic to become more like VisualBasic.NET (what comes to the syntax, atleast). It will be fully Object Oriented, and the ways of Procedural Programming will be gone. I can’t emphasize enough how big a step this will be. If I wish to implement new programming trends and get CoolBasic fully competitive with other languages, OOP is the way. If CoolBasic V3 was just a rewrite of the original CB i.e procedural language then it would probably be already done. However, getting the system set up in a way that will support things like classes, polymorphism, inheritance, overloading, properties, unlimited nesting, protected code or even class templates will take very careful planning, and lots of iteration.

So I’ll be around for year 2009, developing CoolBasic V3! I hope it gets published at some time this year 😉

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