Assembly Summer 2008

The annual summer party for coders, gamers, composers and artists took place again in Hartwall Arena, Helsinki Finland. 5,000 people was there! Although this time I decided not to purchase a computer ticket (a seat and a network spot reserved just for you) it was nice to be there again, after 3 years of break. The biggest reason to actually go visit the arena and not just sit home and watch all that from the Assembly-TV network stream, was that there were quite a few CoolBasic users with their desktops and laptops. I felt it’d be cool to go there and say hello face to face. So I did. Thanks to an “organized” topic on the CoolBasic forums, some real meets actually took place where members of community could talk and share thoughts in more “quiet” place. I myself missed all the meetings, but I heard afterwards that they were a success. I did, however, drop to say hello at the seats that were announced on the Assembly topic.

I probably said things I shouldn’t have, but the feeling and atmosphere was so amazing I guess I just accidentally slipped out some surprises about CoolBasic V3 I’d prefer not to ruin at this point just yet. However, now that I think of it, I hope I gave some hope to those who listened to me, that a new version is indeed in development and it’s going to bring a lot more to the table than the current CoolBasic version 2 (which is still at Beta, lol).

As I walked around the arena in darkness it wasn’t hard to spot these guys 🙂 I saw CoolBasic forums and editors open on their screens. I was flattered. It’s rewarding to see people actually using something that you’ve created. They even arranged a little competition of which I saw 4 CoolBasic entries (or they did it just because they knew I was coming to a visit, hehe). In addition, I saw a splendid graphical “demo” made in CoolBasic, covering some nice effects I’ve no idea how they’re carried out code-wise. This whole thing drove some new energy into me, and I feel encouraged to continue. I hear people thanking me for making tem what they are – without CoolBasic some people would never had started coding, and some of them are already growing out of the current CoolBasic due to its limitations. Those limitations I wish to lift in V3.

Again, Thank You!

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