Designing the new Website

Due to the incident with webhotel I decided to change hosts and move the domain and the entire website to a new provider. After being absent for almost 3 years, I also feel that the current CoolBasic website is simply put, quite awful; Its look is outdated beyond all hope, and in fact its inner stucture collects dust in all essence – something that is completely left out of the current trends and CSS-based styling standards.

Also, CoolBasic V3 has its very own theme now (of which I will not elaborate just yet), so I decided to create a new website that is a little more appealing to a certain degree. The new website framework is already complete and looking good, but until CoolBasic V3 launch I don’t want to release the site since it would ruin the surprise (by its theme). Although the visio I’m having right now is just brilliant (*cough*) I really think that CoolBasic V3 should be released not until its Beta stage, and as a whole. Meaning that the Beta, website, manual and all other related things will just pop up during one night, and the users would wake to a beautiful morning 🙂

That being said, a placeholder website is needed. The current one really sucks (what have I been thinking while doing that?!), so I also took the effort and conjured up a little website for the current CoolBasic (2.x -generation). It’ll remain in effect until the massive Beta-launch takes place and the actual website will be introduced. Both websites, the placeholder and the final site, will be bilingual i.e. available in both english and finnish.

So far, the final website passes the strict HTML 4.01 validation.

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