So today I made a blog!

Hello, everyone!

It really seems that blogs are getting more popular every day. Eveyone has one. I haven’t felt any urge to speak my mind in public before, but this time I might actually have something to say. New version of CoolBasic is in development, so I thought this would be a perfect time to set up one myself. Blogging is a new thing to me, and I consider it exciting – atleast for now 😉

Some people want their voices heard, some people just write things down so they can later return and look back. Be it out of amusement, curiosity, or just for memories. I, personally, am writing this blog just for fun. There’s no catch, no target group, nothing. Just an archive of thoughts on the long road of CoolBasic’s development progress.

Some things are better to be kept in secret. I won’t be going to reveal technical details of how the future-coming CoolBasic is going to work internally (atleast I’m trying not to). There be spies, you know. Instead, those who are interested, might find hints of what to expect. At this point I’m just going to say… if things go as planned, it’s worth waiting!

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