Why have a finnish AND english board?

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Why have a finnish AND english board?

Post by nacko »

This have bugged me ever since I joined: why is the forums divided into English and Finnish boards instead of just english? the english board is almost empty compared to the finnish one. If there was only an english board, a lot of more people would be able to share their thoughts in a greater scale than in the way it looks like right now.

For example, in the projects board, I'd gladly comment on your work, although I really can't because I have no clue what you're talking about since I don't understand Finnish. Is there a special reason why the forums have this kind of division? :|

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Re: Why have a finnish AND english board?

Post by Jare »

I agree that having only English board would make it more popular. But there's still one reason for the Finnish board: very young people who speaks Finnish but not English. Here in Finland English is studied in schools but you know it's not so easy to learn it quickly for children and young people. So in order to be able to help Finnish newbies we need a Finnish board.
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Re: Why have a finnish AND english board?

Post by Koodiapina »

Plus there's more than enough English basic-discussion boards on the Internet already.
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Re: Why have a finnish AND english board?

Post by Jonez »

Well it's not much of a discussion when you are the only one using Coolbasic. Hopefully we get more foreigners when CB V3 comes out. It should do better than the old Coolbasic in the fight between BASIC-languages with graphics-acceleration, support for 3D, OOP, English manual and, if the old ideals are used, easy to learn syntax.
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Re: Why have a finnish AND english board?

Post by Pettis »

There are few users who speak English. However the main user base is here in Finland because there are no English documentation or manuals for CoolBasic. There was a translation project few years ago but it was discontinued even before the first version of translated manual was published. The reasons for this were the changes made to CoolBasic language and decision made by Zero (the developer of CoolBasic) to keep the manuals only in Finnish until the product is ready for the wider audience.

However, there have always been English support for foreign users who have decided to use CoolBasic despite of missing English documentation.

As said above in this thread one good reason to have Finnish area in this forum is the lack of English skills. Despite the fact that every Finnish person starts the English studies in the elementary school many of Finnish users are so young that they simply cannot produce understandable English text. And of course it is natural and easier to use own language. The moderator team and the developer are also from Finland so I see this division to be very natural.

But in my honest opinion the English forums might be the more active forum after the CoolBasic is (finally) released.

Edit: Btw, there is an announcement made by Zero regarding the future of English forums: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1889

Edit2: And so I just noticed that I replied to a month old thread which I though to be only 3 days old. But I'll just leave this post here. Maybe I should read or at least mark all post as read more often :)
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