New Release

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New Release

Post by coolw »

What will be in the release, and are you taking suggestions? :?
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Re: New Release

Post by koodaaja »

coolw wrote:What will be in the release, and are you taking suggestions? :?
Nothing I say is totally sure, but these were the plans ( about 18 months ago... ):

-A new, OO(object orientated)-like syntax. not anything like C++ or Java, but types can have functions inside them ( methods ) and they can be divided to private and public sections ( I don't remember was the public/private thing in the plan, but there was discussion going on about it )
-New, much faster graphic engine with effects like alpha blending
-Better debugging (no MAVs at all!)
-Not blizbasic-based
-Network commands ( this was planned to be added shortly after the new release )
-and later, 3D-plugin

So that is basicly what is being changed.
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Re: New Release

Post by Astigma »

I am quite sure that Zero will be glad to have any kind of suggestions because he is not doing CoolBasic for himself but rather to other programmers.

Because it is long time since those plans koodaaja introduced were planned, I think there will be new definition process before doing anything further. And, fo course, specifications must be renewed since the definitions may differ.

But I don't know exactly what are Zero's plans for CB's future but surely there will be some kind of announcement if something is going to happen.
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Re: New Release

Post by mikeful »

Latest plans -> viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3
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