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Post by Jare » Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:55 am

Morwm is an exotic worm game where your goal is to capture score objects and trap objects. You move the player by using the mouse. Move the mouse to the direction you want to go and as fast - or as slow - as you want to move. There is no mouse cursor shown in the game. The name Morwm comes from a weird idea of combining two words: Mouse and Worm. There are a few different object classes in the game which are described more clearly in the game itself. All of them can be captured by circling them by the worm. Some objects will be translated with the worm after they are circled for later use - others will increase your score or health and just disappear.

More information (in Finnish) and a preview video (in English) can found here:

Direct download link:

Note: You can give me feedback, but I am not planning to make any updates to the game. There are bugs and some stupid features but those will not be fixed.

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