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CoolBasic - New generation in development

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:49 pm
by Zero
CoolBasic is getting old by both design and its technology. In software development it's very common to rewrite the entire project from the scratch every now and then, to meet new needs and standards. For a product to stay competitive it must evolve accordingly. Since we're talking about a programming language here what CoolBasic really lacks is Object Oriented Programming which is the way things work nowadays.

There are quite a few other things that CoolBasic should have had in its repertoire in the first place such as function overloading, structured structures, more flexible data types and classes (kind of a structure with functions in it). CoolBasic also needs to be faster and generate smaller executables. In general we want the programmer to have more advanced tools and more control over flowing data while keeping things simple. The choises are there, but the outer look will remain simple.

CoolBasic limits to only 2D as it stands now, and that is going to change. While 3D will not be implemented instantly the OOP interface should set very good conditions for it to be added later. And in the end we feel 3D will become the primary aspect of CoolBasic game development.

Some research has already be done in order to create considerably faster code execution within smaller executable framework and the results seem promising. The new system will come along with completely new compiler which is accessible via a DLL or command line wrapper.

That's all I can tell you now. More information will come later.

Re: CoolBasic - New generation in development

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 2:07 pm
by Zero
Update: Jan/2010

The latest development news can always be read from my blog, but I felt an update to this specific topic would be appropriate since the plans have changed a little bit, and it would be good to have the same status in all locations. Things that still hold true are the facts that the current CoolBasic is obsolete and needs a major update to its compiler, runtime and game engine, and that there's actually a development team working on all these improvements.

Now the big change is that (for now) we're going to have two technologies, essentially two brands. We want to offer game programming solutions for both procedural AND object oriented conventions. Thus we have two products currently in development:

1) CoolBasic Classic is a re-make of the original, providing procedural way of programming, but with better compiler, runtime and game engine for hardware accelerated 2D game development
2) CoolBasic V3, similar to Microsoft VB.NET, will be the Object Oriented version of the CoolBasic product family. It'll provide a modern compiler and modern game engine for 3D game development

As it stands now, both are probably going to be free (this is, of course, subject to change), and fully localized into both English and Finnish.

Currently, CoolBasic Classic has taken priority over CoolBasic V3. There's a gigantic work to do with these projects, and the team is working hard. We look forward to launch CoolBasic Classic this year!