The global "forum safety question" is no more

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The global "forum safety question" is no more

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Ever since we added the safety question on this forum, the number of spam bot registrations has been round zero :) Too bad that this "filter" appears to have negative effects in regular forum use.

Based on feedback, we disabled the safety question that occassionally asks you to type "CoolBasic" just before registering, logging in, or submitting a new post. There has been numerous problem reports regarding constant reappearance of this question despite the user having already answered to it correctly. And then there's been some loss of submitted data during the question. This cookie-based solution obviously isn't realible enough to be activated every time something gets submitted (I do believe though, it'd have served the purpose for the registration page alone). So it's long gone now.

We'll keep fighting the spam bots, and the current alternative implementation is a simple question of "How much is 2 + 2" upon registration, and that's all. The staff will be monitoring the amount of newly registered (but not yet activated) user accounts that could prove to be spam bots. If the bots start to appear again, we'll think of more drastic actions.

As a side-effect, every user created before this date, needs to answer the question when they modify their profile next time. Don't worry, this is a single step.
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