Poll voting permissions changed

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Poll voting permissions changed

Post by Pettis »

Voting permissions in polls have been changed. Guests can not vote anymore. Because of guest voting it was possible to cheat in all polls and vote multiple times.

Thanks to the users who reported this bug.
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Re: Poll voting permissions changed

Post by Zero »

As of 30 Oct 2008, users with less than 10 posts can't cast votes anymore.

Even though only registered users are allowed to cast votes we have received reports that some users have still exploited the system by creating multiple forum accounts only to cast votes. The forums do require user activation for new accounts, and a working unique e-mail address is needed for the authorization process. It seems that this burden doesn't stop people from creating fake accounts, so we decided to take harsher actions to prevent this abuse.

We had a number of options, some of which involved 3rd party mods for advanced user group management. I, however, wasn't very happy to start messing with additional user groups because it's extra work to make sure users with certain amount of posts get assigned to a poll-permitted group in a regular basis.

There's no option to limit voting persmissions in a way that is based on post count in the admin panel of the forum. So I made a little 'tweak' into the source code. If you have less than 10 forum posts and try to cast a vote nothing will happen. There is no message telling you that you're not allowed to vote, but you simply can't.

If necessary, we will increase the treshold.

Should any problems emerge please make a topic about it and we'll see how to fix it.
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