The CB project of the year 2011 (rules and other discussion)

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The CB project of the year 2011 (rules and other discussion)

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I just realized that there hasn't traditionally been a competition like this, and because traditions and competitions are nice, I took the freedom to organize it. The point is to find out, which is the best CoolBasic project of the year. I don't think there is anything unclear with the idea so here are the rules:

1) All projects are automatically taking part, as long as the project follows the following criteria:
--a) The development of the project didn't have to start in 2011, but the project has to have experienced relevant development during 2011. It's up to the organizer to decide, which development is relevant, but most development should be seen as relevant.
--b) There has to be a working test version or a complete game or program.
--c) The programming language used in the project should be CoolBasic.
--d) There has to be a topic for the project in the Projects/Projektit category.
--e) The project mustn't have been in the top ten projects of this competition of the previous year (this rule is for the future). The organizer has the following rights to make exceptions to this rule:
If a project has faced so many changes that it's more like a whole new project even though the name remains the same, the organizer can allow a project in the last year's top10 to participate again. The organizer is not required to check all the projects in the previous top10 for major changes; the developers of the project should be the active ones, should they wish their project to participate again. On the other hand, if a project is almost completely similar to a last year's top10 project by the same developers, but the name has been changed, the organizer can choose to disqualify the project. In both of these cases, the organizer should announce these exceptions before the competition begins just in case there will be protests.
--f) It's allowed to publish the project during this competition and still have it participate, as long as it fills all the requirements before the end of the first round of voting.
--g) If the developer of a project wishes to drop the project from the competition, they should inform the organizer about it with a private message, in this topic, or in the topic of the dropping project, before the competition begins, and this wish shall be granted.
--h) When it's being decided, if a project is going to participate or not, the organizer always has the last word.

2) During the first round, voting is done by posting messages to the voting topic.
--a) Every forum user is allowed to send one message to the voting topic (to make the counting of the votes easier). You're allowed to edit your message.
--b) You're allowed to vote for as many projects as you want to, but you can give only one vote per project.
--c) The organizer is allowed to vote.
--d) You aren't allowed to vote for your own projects.
--e) The first round will begin on Sunday, December the 25th at 3pm (in GMT+2) and will end on Sunday, January the 8th at 3pm.

3) During the second round, the voting is done with a poll that will be added to the voting topic asap after the first round has finished.
--a) The top10 projects of the first round will make it to the second round.
--b) The second round will end on Sunday, January the 22th at about 3pm.
--c) This time, you are allowed to vote for your own project.

4) If there is something wrong with these rules or something you don't understand, contact me with a private message or post about it in this topic before the competition starts.

5) The developer of the winning project has the privilege to organize the best CoolBasic project of the year 2012, or if they wish to, they can ask another person of their choice to organize it (only if that person accepts). It's suggested that the organizing of the competition should be started around the first half of December. If the organizer of the competition has stayed silent until December the 15th, 2012, anyone is allowed to be the organizer. In addition to that, the winner will get fame and honor, and this year, also a signature banner which is apparently going to be made by Pate5.

6) The organizer is allowed to make changes to these rules every year, but all the changes have to be made before the first round starts.

The voting topic can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2706

These two topics are also in Finnish / Nämä kaksi topicia löytyvät myös suomen kielellä:
Rules and other discussion / Säännöt ja muu keskustelu
The voting topic / Äänestystopic
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