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Please read: The future of the English forum

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:16 am
by Zero
The current version of CoolBasic never actually had a proper English localization. This is mainly because of its Beta stage. Due to personal life reasons, I quit the Beta development before the final release and thus there’s still no English localization. Honestly, I didn’t expect non-Finnish users to appear because I never advertised CoolBasic on the internet. But they did nevertheless. Apparently the Finnish user base announced it away, and things went a bit out of control. That’s why an English discussion board (this one) was established. However, it’s currently serving close to no purpose at all.

Those of you, who have read my blog regularly, may already know that CoolBasic Classic is in development. It’s a remake of the current version (with full technology upgrade). The official blog entry can be found here. CoolBasic Classic will be fully localized to both English and Finnish. This includes all web services and documentation as well. Eventually, there will be separate forums, too.

I hope this information was useful for what to expect in the future. The latest news can always be found on main page, the blog, and this forum.

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