CoolBasic Classic :: under development

CoolBasic Classic is a BASIC-like game programming language specialized in 2D game making. It features complete framework for game graphics, sound, input, and networking - only to name a few. The design is focused on ease of use and simplicity, so CoolBasic Classic suits for beginners as well. Moreover, it's completely free.

CoolBasic Classic is a remake of the original version. All aspects will be re-written and brought up-to-date: The compiler, the editor, and the game engine. CoolBasic Classic is currently under development, and will be released in 2012.

Classic Features

-It's free!
-It's faster than the previous version - in every way!
-Better, accelerated graphics engine.
-More features.
-No license requirements.
-Renewed user manual.

CoolBasic V3 :: under development

CoolBasic V3 is a BASIC-like object oriented game programming language for 2D and 3D game making. It features a complete framework for game graphics, sound and game mechanics in general. CoolBasic V3 has a modern graphics engine and supports most popular OOP language features. In addition, CoolBasic V3 is completely free.

V3 Features

-Will be considerably faster
-Introduces classes, inheritance and polymorphism
-Introduces overloaded operators and class properties
-Will feature hardware accelerated 2D and 3D graphics engine
-Will still feature command sets specialized in game making
-Better code editor and new project-based interface
-Will feature much better user manual
-Will remain free and as easy-to-learn as possible

Wanha CoolBasic

Wanha CoolBasic is a bit outdated and obsolete, but still fully functional BASIC-like programming language for 2D game making. Currently, CoolBasic Classic in in the works, and it's supposed to replace this version in 2012. Wanha CoolBasic is user-friendly, but is unfortunately lacking an English manual.

Current Features

-It's free!
-Creates Windows executables
-Fast 2D engine
-Objects and Game World concept
-Hundreds of in-built functions
-Covers graphics, sound, input and more...
-Complete user manual (in Finnish, though)